Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Return of Jermz

I wanted to throw something together since it has been months since I’ve posted a blog. Erin hassles me about it all the time; always nagging to write a new blog and my usual response is "I will, when I have time." Well, I have a minute or so...

Today was a pretty hectic day for me; I started off by going into Best Buy this morning to find out that I have to be there next Saturday at 7am for a store meeting. I'm not sure why I even bother going to them because I only work one day a week (if that). I enjoy working there because I get a mean discount and the extra cash is always a plus. The job itself is awesome but the people I work with are a bunch of pain in the asses. The boss man there doesn't ever work and he feels that he shouldn't have to work. I looked at the calendar today to see when my next day requested off was and noticed that one of my other co-workers had requested off 14 days out of the month of 30 days; WTF? He's a full timer and works almost as much as me; the weekend worrier. Enough about Best Buy...

My personal life is awesome right now; for those who may not know Erin and I just got a puppy a few weeks ago. She is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and her name is Lucy; I'm pretty attached to her. I never thought of myself much of a dog person but I absolutely love our new addition.

Tomorrow I'm off to Atlantic City for a trade show this week. I'm looking forward to potentially gaining new customers and generating some revenue for the company. The trade show is being put on by a distributor we just picked up thanks to Shane, my salesman.

I feel pretty bad for many of my friends and my family for the fact I received 5 phone calls inviting Erin and I to hang out and do things with each of them. I did my best to see most of the people that had invited me to hang out; even if it was just for a minute while I slammed a delicious steak. I do enjoy hanging out and doing things with my family and my friends but I also have obligations that I need to fulfill. I hope I didn't offend anybody this evening for not being around a lot but I had to get things done before I leave for the trade show tomorrow. Well its 2:35am and I’m pretty beat... Look for my next blog hopefully it will not be as long of a wait.