Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 2 of Being a Blogger

Last night Erin's grandmother's boyfriend turned 90 years old (yeah that's old), and the family was having cake and ice cream at her grandmother's house. Unfortunately I couldn't go because I really needed a haircut and had to take care of so many other things before my big meeting on Friday. So, amazingly Erin didn't force me to go with her to her grandmother's house. I managed to get my hair cut and pack my PS3 up (it's broken and I need to send it back to Sony to have it fixed). I also worked on my marketing material for my meeting. I'm very excited about this meeting and have high hopes of growing my business with a new distributor.

When Erin returned home from her grandmother's house she wanted to bake pumpkin seeds, and I wasn't too enthused with this because I was ready for bed. Being the good boyfriend that I am I stayed up with her so that she could bake these damn seeds. Once she was finished we went up stairs and watched "How I Met Your Mother." I really enjoyed the time I spent with Erin last night and hope I have many more nights like that. If you were unaware of the show "How I Met Your Mother" it is the jam and everybody should really check it out. Erin and I've been watching together for the last couple of years and we really enjoy our "shows" together.

Now I am at work, and I just got out of a meeting with a guy from ABF (a freight company). Erin is now freaking out about the flies in the office and it’s quite entertaining. She’s bouncing around trying to swat the files with rolled up paper. Once she hits one she keeps hitting the same one to make sure it’s dead... I'm pretty sure if I were hitting the flies it would only take one hit to kill them.


erinhaha said...

Congratulations on day two of blogging!
Seriously Jerms, the pumpkin seeds took like 15 minutes!
"How I Met Your Mother" is the best show and I really enjoyed watching it with you too!
1. Flies are annoying!
2. I wasn't bouncing, I was walking calmly then smacking them 10 times because yes the first time did kill them, I just want their little fly friends to see what is coming for them. Plus it felt good when I did catch one.
PS. I love you!

Dani said...

Wow, who woulda thunk! Your posts are pretty entertaining...I guess good material doesn't hurt (thanks Erin!), I can only imagine what I would be reading sans Erin!! I'm just sayin.

Jonesgeek said...

Jermz blogs are teh jam