Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Dilemma

To continue on from yesterday’s blog about Erin vs. the Flies... Erin thinks that flies are "thrill seekers." She said "If there are 2 of them they will fly into a room and a see which one lives, it's their form of Russian roulette."

Erin and I have plans to go to Fells point with a group of our friends for Halloween. Unfortunately we don't have plans for a costume and Halloween is but a week away. We've had many ideas for what we could go as. We thought about Cops and Robbers, King and Queen, Gangsters, Batman & Robin, and finally Cowboy & Cowgirl. We have yet to order our costumes and I'm not sure if we will have costumes in time. I originally like the idea as Indiana Jones (He's a bad ass) but Erin didn't like that idea much. I also really like the idea of Cowboy and Cowgirl but it seems to be a cowboy you need to be willing to spend about $200 on a costume you would probably only wear once. I just can't seem to grasp the concept on spending a ton of money on a costume you will only wear for a few hours.

Last night Erin and I had to run a few errands. I first went to the dry cleaners and picked up some of my clothes and also dropped off some; doing so I've broken a personal record. The most money spent at a dry cleaner in one week. The clothes I picked up were only about $10, and the clothes I dropped off are going to be $86. Then I thought to myself "Damn!!! That’s a lot of coin to do laundry!" After the cleaners we ran to Best Buy and Target (Erin wanted more Halloween decorations). When we got to Target Erin decided she wanted to go shopping for clothes and everything else we weren't there for. When we were almost finished at Target and close to the checkout there was a page over the intercom that said "Erin Kellough please come to the customer service desk." My first thought was "did she drop a damn credit card or something?" So we started walking to the service desk and it was a few of our friends. Needless to say it was Erin's friend and her fiancé. Erin and her friend decided they wanted to shop for another hour while Brian, Erin's friend's Fiancé, and I walked around the electronic department. Once the ladies were finally finished shopping we all went to Cold Stone for some ice cream (wasn't my idea). I got the chocolate peanut butter mash up in a large cup. This wasn't my brightest idea; I later had a stomach ache.


unclechopchop said...

I think you should go as michael vick and a dog in a wheel chair. OUCH! What, too soon? Maybe Hugh Hefner; all you need is a robe, a pipe, and makeup that makes you look old. You could even be Tom Cruise from Top Gun. :) GOOSE!

Chad said...

I found the Jermz and the Charlez on the internetz!